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JZB MEDIA: @jzbzack

About us

We're deeply rooted in tech, design and strategy

As brand strategists, we bridge the gap between strategy created and strategy performed. We align the goals of your organization to the needs of your customers, creating extraordinary brand experiences.

Who we work with

We work best with brands who are looking for expert Brand Strategists to run the branding/marketing side of their organizations.

Our clients are willing to let us decide which symptoms are relevant, diagnose the problems accurately, and implement solutions that lead to real change.


You have a right to know as much information as possible about how we think and operate ahead of any decision you make in regards to hiring our team. The primary motivator in who you hire should be whether or not they can solve your problem. Once you've identified we can solve your problem, the fee should be secondary (your time should be more important than your money.) It would cost more not to hire us than to hire us if you truly think we can help solve your problem. That being said, we've collected these frequently asked questions so that you can make the right decision - If you and us work hard at making sure it's a great fit, we'll both be happier in the long run.

How would we describe the ideal JZB MEDIA client?

Our ideal client...

  • Runs a small - medium (1-120 person), privately held business.
  • Works directly with us as the decision maker and not through another staff member.
  • Is hiring us primarily because of our expertise, and not our bedside manner.
  • Is willing to let us (1) decide which symptoms are relevant; (2) diagnose the problem accurately; (3) and suggest the best solutions that can lead to real change but minimizes disruption as much as possible.
  • Is willing to be engaged from the very beginning, listening and interacting with intense focus, and then jumping into implementation with excitement.
  • Has no hesitation about our fee against the background of the possible impact on their business, and submits it promptly without reminder. They do so because they know, subconsciously or otherwise, that not hiring us will be much more expensive than doing so.
  • Is open to a different perspective, though likely testing each piece of advice rather than accepting it blindly.
  • Is facing a hurdle or transition that is significant to them. We usually picture this as something literally keeping them up at night.

The vast majority of our clients are ideal clients, and we are very grateful for them. They are intelligent, hard-working, funny, and really care about doing everything they can to improve their businesses, families, friends, and themselves.

What do our clients appreciate about us?

What our clients appreciate the most is an outside perspective on how they're really doing from a branding, identity, or digital marketing perspective (without pulling any punches), or advice on how to accomplish something. They realize change is dependent on them, but they want to be pointed in the right direction based on what has been successful for other businesses.

Does our team give away information?

We give away our thoughts to help you or your team in your efforts on our various social media channels: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tiktok, YouTube, Pinterest. That being said, we will not give away our thinking (strategy) in meetings. We meet with our clients for the purpose of better understanding their problems so that we can solve them. If it is important to you that we 'prove' ourselves to you by giving away our process or thinking prior to you being a paid client, you may be too skeptical to benefit from a client relationship. We recommend that you read everything that interests you here to get a feel for how we think and work with clients and then just go with your gut.

What are typical payment terms?

All services are fully prepaid and non-refundable, for any reason.

What if I don't want to work with JZB MEDIA?

We are simply not a good fit for some businesses. It’s always a good idea to explore working with other talented agencies. We have a list of competitors that we'll be happy to give you, along with a shortlist of the ones that we think will be a good fit for your specific situation.

I’m not ready to hire you yet. How can I stay in touch and keep up with what you are doing and offering?

The best way is to sign up for our free, regular, content-filled email newsletter. You can find signup forms throughout this website.


Building a brand is systematic.

We are systematic, ambtious, and meticulous.


Brand Strategy

We work with businesses and organizations of all sizes to clarify their purpose, find their voice, define their goals, and understand their customers.



We build brands that express a company's personality and values. We create comprehensive and consistent experiences that resonate with customers and nuture long-lasting relationships.



We ensure any time someone interacts with your brand in a graphical capacity will be an extraordinary experience.



We'll craft digital touchpoints in a way that speaks to the needs of your customers and gives them actionable next steps.



We create strong media that makes people stop and pay attention to what your company has to say.



We'll craft digital touchpoints in a way that speaks to the needs of your customers and gives them actionable next steps.


Our track record of trusted partners and clients

We’ve teamed up with some great brands.