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Worshiper of God T-Shirt

We worked with our client to bring the phrase "Worshiper of God, Deliverer of Men" to life in graphical form.

What we did


Our client came to us with the mission of bringing the phrase, "Worshiper of God, Deliverer of Men" to life in graphical form for the purpose of creating a t-shirt. We got right to work meeting with our client to articulate their vision into actionable steps.


We came up with the following outline for out team to utilize during the process of designing this t-shirt.

  • The shirt needs to be masculine enough for men to wear, but not so masculine that women would not wear it. (unisex)
  • Design should give people a "feel" for what it the shirt represents before users read the shirt.
  • The shirt should be black, grey, or a combination of both.
  • Embellishments are welcome (on sleeves, back, down the spine, etc.)
  • Needs to have have a "worn" look.
  • Convey a "warrior-like" attitude or make a statement of authority.
  • Scripture Issiah 61:1 as an underlying theme - on sleeve "freedom for captives" on one sleeve "release from darkness" on the other sleeve.
  • Include some type of armor to convey protection and or defense.


Variant 1
Variatn 2

Project details


Janelle Woodruff



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May 4, 2019