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Paws & Claws Pet Care

Our client wanted to legitimize her pet care business, and branding was the way to do it.

What we did


Branding, by definition is a practice in which a person or entity creates a name, design, or symbol that is easily identifiable. A brand helps to identify a product or company and distinguish it from other products or companies. Branding is such an important part of business because it's what makes a memorable impression on clients/consumers, and also lets them know what to expect from a company.

Our client had a small operation pet-sitting dogs and cats in their local town, but they wanted to take the next step to try and grow their business. My team and I assisted with creating a brand and company identity so that they could do just that.


Branding and identity involve a lot of variables, including but not limited to assisting with the following:

  • We helped our client establish and articulate who they are,
  • we helped them to conceptualize and design renditions of a brand that would properly represent them.


Primary Logo
Variant 1
Variant 2
Variant 3
"JZB MEDIA worked with me to create a logo that perfectly illustrates my business; and me. Zack was great to work with and attentive to every single detail of my logo. He guided me in the process of how each variation of my logo would look on different platforms, what different colors and shapes can convey, and most importantly, what I really wanted in a logo. I now have a logo that conveys trust, experience, and comfort, which puts every single one of my clients at ease thanks to JZB MEDIA!"

- Kelianne Louis, Owner of Paws & Claws Pet Care

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Paws & Claws Pet Care



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May 1, 2019