What's an Open Graph image and why does your website need one?

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What the heck is an Open Graph image?

An Open Graph image is the thumbnail image that shows up when someone shares your website on other platforms and services. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Slack, Yammer, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Reddit, or even your own text messages are some examples of platforms/services that show this image.


Why’s it so important to have an Open Graph image?

To put it shortly, it’s the introductory piece of content that can help persuade potential site visitors to click on the link that will take them to your site.

What should my Open Graph image be?

Your Open Graph image should give users an idea of what you do, show them the product you're selling, or at least make them curious as to what they'll find after they click your link.

What size should my Open Graph image be?

So there's no general consensus on how these images should be sized. The team here at JZB MEDIA sizes all Open Graph images for us and our clients in accordance with Facebook's Open Graph Docs at 1200 x 630 (1.9:1).

I created my Open Graph image, how to do configure it?

The answer to this question changes depending on how your website is built. The best advice I can give is to review the support docs for the platform your site is built on, or reach out to your web person and they'll take care of it! 😃

I hope this helps, thanks for reading.

February 24, 2021

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