What is Brand Strategy?

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When people hear the words “brand strategy,” they immediately think of identity design, logo work, or how communication ‘looks.’ But brand strategy is much more than visuals and messaging.

Brand Strategy is the combination of four disciplines: Branding, Marketing, Business, & Design Thinking.


To build a brand effectively you need to create a brand experience in all touchpoints associated with your brand. While building this experience you must ingrain the purpose, values, culture, and brand personality of your business - and at the same time create a high-end and consistent journey for your customer.

Did you know?: Touchpoints are places where people can interact with your brand. Examples include a website, social media channels, business cards, gift certificates, etc.


Next you tackle marketing - which is marketing segmentation (defining your niche), competitive analysis, gap analysis, and SWOT analysis. The information gathered here will serve as the foundation for your brand’s positioning in the market.


It’s also vital to understand the fundamentals of business. All brand goals are directly connected to business goals - after all, we builds brands to grow the businesses behind them.

Design Thinking

This is when we use design to solve real business problems.

  1. We identify problem areas.
  2. We conduct research through observational studies and interviews.
  3. We create personas for your brand and target customers.
  4. We create maps of the customer journey.

By combining branding, marketing, business, and design thinking you can get the fundamental understanding needed for a solid brand strategy.


As always, I hope this article brought a new perspective and gets you excited to build something great. To be notified when we post new articles just fill out the email newsletter form towards the bottom of this page.

December 5, 2021

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