Not prioritizing brand strategy is a mistake

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Brand strategy is the foundation for all of the world’s most renowned brands, it’s here where brands work to understand who they are, and who their customers are. Without this knowledge.. how does a brand behave like itself, and how does it attract its' desired customer if it doesn’t know them?‍

If you’re lurking in the shadows gaining knowledge to take your brand to the next level, then this post is for you. Below we’ll break down a few different areas that deserve your attention as they relate to brand strategy.

Many brands don’t understand their own foundation

Without an understanding of its' foundation, a brand doesn’t know why it exists. A brand should have clearly defined purpose, vision, mission, and goals.

Purpose: Why does the brand exist, why should anyone care?

Vision: What’s the desired future-state of the brand?

Mission: What are the tactics to attain the vision and live the purpose?

Goals: How does the brand measure ongoing success?

You can read more about brand foundation here.

Many brands don’t understand their own personalities, and they don’t have them clearly defined

This is where brands work to understand who they are, and also how to conduct themselves in a consistent way to their audience. If you’re a brand that wants to be noticed, then you have to be willing to take the time to be known for something - consistency is key.

A brand that doesn’t have a clearly defined personality will have trouble being consistent for the people who are listening to what it has to say.

Many brands don’t understand who their customers are

A large part of brand strategy is understanding who your target audience is, once you know that you can begin to learn about them through things like interviews, observation, and surveys. Your aim is basically to understand what a day in their life is like so your brand can solve a problem for them in the best ways possible.

But if you don’t know who your customer is, you can’t possibly learn about how you can solve problems for them.

Many brands don’t understand how they’re perceived

Let’s go back to that vision, or your desired future state. What if you want to be known as the titan of your industry… but your customers see you as second or third best? Understanding how your customer sees you RIGHT NOW can help you make the necessary steps to be seen how you’d like to be seen - this is gap analysis.


As always, I hope this article brought a new perspective and gets you excited to build something great. To be notified when we post new articles just fill out the email newsletter form towards the bottom of this page.

June 22, 2022

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