May 21, 2023

How to speed ramp in Davinci Resolve

Speed ramps can add a unique visual appeal to your brand's videos when they're used the right way.
How to speed ramp in Davinci Resolve

A speed ramp adds a unique visual appeal to your videos when used correctly, but what's a speed ramp?

What's speed ramping?

Speed ramping is when you gradually change the speed of a video clip. You can see speed ramping in countless action movies and sports videos, when the action changes between slow motion, standard speed, and fast motion.

Things to consider

To successfully create a speed ramp when you're editing, you need to make sure you check a few boxes when you're shooting your footage.

Shoot at a higher frame rate

Remember, speed ramping means changing the speed of your footage to make it slower or faster, so you need to shoot any footage you intend to speed ramp in a higher frame rate than your timeline footage. For example: if your editing timeline and footage is 24fps, then you need to shoot the footage you intend to speed ramp in 60fps, 120fps, 240fps, etc. The main thing is shooting your speed ramp footage at a higher frame rate.

Shoot smooth

The smoother your shot, the easier it will be to speed ramp when you're editing. Using a gimbal while you're shooting your higher frame rate footage will go a long way to ensure you can create amazing visuals while you're editing.


Speed ramping adds a unique and appealing visual to videos when used correctly. You just need to plan accordingly to make them happen.

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