May 21, 2023

How to drastically speed up your editing workflow using proxy footage

Editing should be as frictionless as possible so that you can focus on the visuals and the story... and not on waiting for your editor to catch up.
How to drastically speed up your editing workflow using proxy footage

Have you ever wondered why other creators seem to be able to fly through edits? Hint: it's not just that they have a high-end computer. Even the most beefy setups still lag when editing high resolution video... the answer to this is proxy footage.

What is proxy footage?

To put it simply, proxy footage is just less 'beefy' footage than your original footage. When you create proxies, you're effectively creating copies of your footage that are easier for your computer to handle.

Why use proxy footage?

The main benefit of using proxy footage is that it allows the editor to move through their edit with buttery smoothness and ease.

How do I create proxy footage in Davinci Resolve?

In the video below I teach you the correct way to organize your footage and create proxy footage.


Taking the time to properly organize your footage and create proxies will drastically increase your editing speed and effectiveness. Happy editing.

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