Brand strategy is like therapy.

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Brand strategy is a lot like therapy, there's no use trying it if you're not open to change.

When people hear the word “branding” their mind goes to “graphical representation of a company,” i.e, the logo. This is because there’s been a long-term misconception in the design community to think that a brand is the same thing as a logo - this isn’t true.

Disclaimer: I’m not saying that a logo isn’t important, after all it’s usually the thing someone sees that gives them the opportunity to think of your brand.

A brand is not a logo, it is a person’s gut feeling about your product, service, or company - in other words, a brand is whatever its customers perceive it to be.

Brand strategy is essentially the plan to put certain things into action in order to change how people perceive an organization. It’s the thinking that helps determine who a brand is, who its customers are, and determining how that brand can solve problems for its customers and communicate those solutions in a consistent way that reflects that specific brand’s voice.

  • Culture is a part of a brand, sometimes that needs to change or be communicated differently.
  • Customers are a part of a brand, sometimes they need to change or be communicated to differently.
  • Voice is part of a brand, it’s the way you communicate - sometimes that need to change.
  • The impact that a brand has sometimes needs to change or be communicated differently.

These are just a few examples, the point is that a brand is much more than a logo. It’s how you show up online and in person, it’s how you talk to your customers and solve their problems - it all matters.

Being open to some change is something I look for in new clients before they're onboarded to JZB MEDIA. We want to help you do great things, that requires deep introspection and change.

As always, I hope this article brought a new perspective and gets you excited to build something great. To be notified when we post new articles just fill out the email newsletter form towards the bottom of this page.

August 20, 2021

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