JZB MEDIA created the foundation for this wellness brand to stand out.


Suite Five

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JZB MEDIA created the foundation for this wellness brand to stand out.

Suite Five is a wellness spa with a vision of creating a tailored & rejuvenated wellness experience in Boerne, Texas. They want all of their clients to experience a level of service that is courteous, punctual, and consistent.

JZB MEDIA’s mission? Work with the team at Suite Five to attract new clients, increase brand awareness, and create a wellness brand that is unlike the rest.

Our approach needed to be both strategic and tactical in nature, ensuring that no detail was missed, no matter how big or small.

The Challenge

We needed to design an identity, develop a social media following with great engagement, design a website, and create the foundations for an impactful brand. Most of all we needed to understand who Suite Five is, and who their customers are - because everything we would create needed to have those two variables in mind.


We built the foundation for a wellness brand that will truly stand out for years to come in the Boerne, Texas area.


We met with Suite Five to lay out hundreds of words to define the Suite Five brand, then we narrowed it down to six. We defined culture, customers, voice, feeling, impact, and also discussed what sets Suite Five apart from their competitors. We used these attributes to craft a rough brand statement, which we’ll use moving forward to help with the brand’s direction.

Identity Design

While determining the brand attributes for Suite Five, we concluded that the impact they provide to customers is rejuvenation. We thought it was very important to convey this in the identity we designed - and that’s where we arrived as the sun mark. We combined the mark with a clean font choice reminiscent of high-end brands like Gucci, Chanel, Dior, and others in order to attract the ideal customer(s) that we identified during strategy.


We produced high quality photography for use on the Suite Five website that includes photos of the team members performing nail, massage, and skin care services - as well as headshots of each team member.

Graphic Design

We designed various graphics for Suite Five, including business cards, gift certificates, and a services menu; all design is directed by strategy

Web Design & Development

We strategized to determine how users would be likely to use the Suite Five website, then combined those findings with strategic elements we already knew in order to build this web touch point.


An important attribute for any brand is voice - how does a brand sound when they communicate? Suite Five’s voice needed to sound experienced, professional, understanding, and fun. So we used these attributes as ‘filters’ to write copy for the Suite Five website. We also consult with their team to help them write social media copy.


Brand Strategy

Identity Design

Websites & Ecommerce

Graphic Design


Social Media

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