JZB MEDIA created a sleek & modern foundation for a recognizable cosmetology brand.


BK Cosmo

Project info

JZB MEDIA created a sleek & modern foundation for a recognizable cosmetology brand.

BK Cosmo is a college of cosmetology located in Kerrville, Texas. BK Cosmo was originally established by Kay and Bill Conlee as Conlee’s College of Cosmetology in 1973. Renamed as BK Cosmo College of Cosmetology in 2019, the school is now under the guidance of Brandy and Kevin Scoggins and is the only nationally accredited College of Cosmetology in the Hill Country.

JZB MEDIA’s mission? Help BK Cosmo (previously Conlee’s College of Cosmetology) change their outer perception from being an old dingy school to a high end place of education that helps aspiring cosmetologists change their lives.

Our approach needed to be thorough to ensure we were taking the correct steps to solve the right problems.

The Challenge

Conlee's College of Cosmetology was acquired by news owners and renamed to BK Cosmo. The college needed to be rebranded in a way that properly portrayed their new mission.


A new logo, videos, and website that supported BK Cosmo as the premiere college of cosmetology in the San Antonio, Texas area.

Strategy (Brand Attributes)

Prior to the design stuff, we worked with BK Cosmo to determine their brand attributes. We needed to better understand what the culture was, who their "customers" were, what their voice sounds like, how people feel when they interact, what impact they cause, and what makes them stand out. Once we knew this vital information we used it to shape everything else moving forward.


We designed the primary logo for the BK Cosmo brand based on the established brand attributes. After the primary logo was done we moved on to create a standalone mark that would serve to idenfity BK Cosmo. Normally these steps are reversed, but the US Board of Education requires that "College of Cosmetology" be included as part of the primary logo, so we created a logo with this inclusion in mind before moving on to the standalone mark.

Once the logo was created we moved on to create the primary typography and color palettes that would be used with the BK Cosmo brand moving forward.


We designed and developed the BK Cosmo website with a few objectives in mind:

  • The website needed to adhere to the brand identity guidelines that our team created in an earlier step
  • The website needed to have a clean user interface and be simple to use
  • The website needed to present relevant information in a clear & concise way
  • As a priority we structured the website for users searching for an opportunity for education. We solved this by presenting information and call-to-action's relating specifically to education across the site, thereby guiding the user to where we wanted them to go.
  • Student recruitment and maintaining connection with potential students was a secondary priority. We solved this by placing newsletter signup forms in strategic locations across the site.
  • This client also wanted to talk about their partnerships and certifications - we solved this by creating clean and consistent logo marks that represent those partners.
  • We built out an e-commerce store to sell products from BK Cosmo's partner, Demalogica. We also optimized 50+ store products for use in the online store. We removed backgrounds from existing product photos, then placed those products onto a golden background that was consistent with the BK Cosmo brand.
  • We set up an integration to Mailchimp to capture email addresses when users enter their email into newsletter forms or into store checkout.

Business Cards

We designed new business cards for BK Cosmo to hand out to potential prospects. Business cards often serve at the first impression for your clients, so they should be designed well.


Brand Strategy

Identity Design

Websites & Ecommerce


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