We provide a variety of services that ultimately build the Montechema Firearms brand.

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    Boerne, Texas
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Who is Montechema Firearms

They exist to serve and equip firearm owners and outdoorsmen by providing exemplary customer service while offering top of the line gunsmithing, silencer manufacturing, and access to high end blades.

What is the scope of JZB MEDIA's work?

We work with Montechema Firearms in a few different areas - our team is responsible for maintaining & growing the Montechema Firearms social media channels, we developed the primary website, we developed the online storefront, and we provide strategic graphic design services.

Our team produces all social media content for Montechema Firearms, primarily for Facebook and Instagram.

Our work on Montechema Firearms social media channels brings in new customers weekly.

We built out the Montechema Firearms website with a few objectives in mind:

  • The site needed to function as a tool to enhance the presence of the Montechema Firearms brand
  • The site needed to provide a way for customers to quickly learn common info, such as store hours, available services, and other messaging.
  • The site needed to function as a marketing tool to capture user email addresses
  • The site needed to have the ability to sell Montechema Firearms merchandise

Our team also created a standalone online store that functions to sell Montechema Firearms branded items, blades, gear, and other accessories.

  • We built out the online store
  • We photographed and optimized all products to be displayed on the online store
  • We integrated various shipping services into the store such as USPS, UPS, FedEX, etc. to automatically estimate shipping fees.
  • We integrated a payment processor that allowed "high risk" items such as firearms and blades to be sold through their processing.
  • We implemented systems to track user behavior to measure which products are the most in demand
  • We implemented email capture forms to begin building an email database that we use for additional marketing incentives.

Our team also intermittently shoots video content for engagement or educational purposes. We then deploy this content onto various customer touch points such as social media, the Montechema Firearms website, and to other partners.

We also work with the Montechema Firearms team to develop various forms of print media such as magazine ads, event fliers, and other forms of print media.

Scope of work summary:

  • We regularly arrive on location to shoot photo & video content for the purpose of creating social media content.
  • We produce all photo & video content after shooting.
  • We created the primary Montechema Firearms website.
  • We created the Montechema Firearms online store
  • We photographed and optimized all products for the purpose of online selling
  • We integrated shipping provider systems into the online store in order to automate shipping calculations and estimates
  • We create brand-centric graphics that increase the awareness and reach of the Montechema Firearms brand
  • We intermittently create video content for social media and other customer touch points.