JZB MEDIA performed a modern rebrand for Boerne’s top barbershop.

JZB MEDIA performed a modern rebrand for Boerne’s top barbershop.
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    Boerne, Texas
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Hauptstrasse Barbershop is located in Boerne, Texas right off of Main Street. Upon walking in the door you’re met with 70’s-80’s vibes and friendly barbers who are ready to give you an amazing cut.

JZB MEDIA’s mission? Help Hauptstrasse Barbershop be the barbershop brand it deserves to be. We wanted to increase the sale of their merchandise, increase online appointments, increase brand recognition, and open up possibilities for alternatives streams of income (aside from haircuts.)

Our approach needed to be comprehensive and cohesive, impacting customer touchpoints from logo design to online experience and everything in between.

The Challenge

To create a new look for Hauptstrasse Barbershop for the purpose of driving user impressions and making it easier to interact with the brand online. We had a secondary objective of making this logo useable for a sub-brand of Hauptstrasse Barbershop, named Hauptstrasse Cigar Club.


We worked with Hauptstrasse Barbershop to create a logo, and developed a website complete with an e-commerce store and appointment system integration to help make it easier for customer to purchase perch, book and pay for an appointment, and develop more recognition for the Hauptstrasse Barbershop brand.

Scope of Project

  • Strategy
  • Logo
  • Identity Design
  • Social Media
  • Web Design & Development
  • Photography

Strategy (Brand Attributes)

Before any design or development took place we worked to determine Hauptstrasse Barbershop's brand attibutes. That means determining what the culture is, who the customers are, what their voice sounds like, how people feel when they interact, the impact they have on their customers, and what makes them stand out.

Once we know this information it is used to shape every piece moving forward.


We designed the new Hauptstrasse Barbershop logo based on the brand's attributes, and we also wanted to adhere to a classic 70's-80's design. Once the primary logo was created we moved on to create 3 identifying marks to use in places where the primary brand was already established.

We took this primary logo and modified it for the sub-brand, Hauptstrasse Cigar Club.

Social Media

The JZB MEDIA team manages and creates all content for the Hauptstrasse Barbershop. This includes creating photography, video, and graphic design content for Facebook, Instagram, and Google Business.

Website Design & Development

We created a new website complete with an e-commerce store and online appointment system. We kept a black & white design to stay consistent with the brand identity. We captured all product photos of merchendise and optimized the products for online sale. We then moved to integrate an online appointment system so that customers could book & pay for their appointments in advance.


Outside of capturing and optimizing the product photos for the website we also captured photos of the Hauptstrasse Barbershop team for the purpose of later creating staff biographies.