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    San Antonio, Texas
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Who is Black Rifle Coffee?

Black Rifle Coffee Company is a veteran-owned coffee company serving premium coffee to people who love America. Black Rifle Coffee develops their explosive roast profiles with the same mission focus they learned as military members serving this great country and they are committed to supporting veterans, law enforcement, and first responders. With every purchase you make, they give back.

What is the scope of JZB MEDIA's work?

We work with Black Rifle Coffee's Boerne, Texas retail storefront - our team is responsible for developing and maintaining the location's social media presence through the strategic planning and deployment of photo, video, text, and graphic content. Our team grew the Instagram account for this location from 0 to 15,000 followers in less than a year.

Our team arrives on location weekly to shoot photo & video content for the soul purpose of producing high quality social media content.

We intermittently produce video content to generate additional engagement. We like to shoot these on busy weekends, holidays, or scheduled events.

Our efforts have created over $25,000+ in monthly revenue for Black Rifle Coffee's Boerne, Texas coffee shop.

Scope of work summary:

  • We arrive on location to the Black Rifle Coffee (Boerne, Texas) shop regularly to capture photo & video content.
  • We coordinate with local first responders (Police Departments, Fire Departments, EMS, etc.) to produce content for high engaging posts.
  • We coordinate quarterly trips to produce location-specific content, such as outdoor content.
  • We post produce (edit) all photo & video content.
  • We coordinate social media posts based on the types of content the audience is responsive to.
  • We serve as consultants for branding or marketing related questions.