We made the brand look good, so that they can teach other people how to look good.

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    Kerrville, Texas
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Who is BK Cosmo?

BK Cosmo provides highly exceptional education for students studying cosmetology to ensure they have the skills, confidence, and knowledge to be successful in the field of cosmetology and cosmetology instruction.

What is the scope of JZB MEDIA's work?

Our team created BK Cosmo's identity, designed and developed their website, and designed their business cards.

We created the BK Cosmo Identity which includes:

  • Designing the primary logo to represent the BK Cosmo brand
  • Chose the most ideal typography
  • We curated the color palette for use with the BK Cosmo brand

We used the following data points to help us move in the right direction:

  • The industry BK Cosmo is in (Cosmetology)
  • The primary demographics BK Cosmo is targeting
  • We also wanted to ensure that we aligned function with form and made the final design aesthetic.

We developed mockups to show what the BK Cosmo brand would look like on door glass, bags, and other items.


We designed and developed the BK Cosmo website with a few objectives in mind:

  • The website needed to adhere to the brand identity guidelines that our team created in an earlier step
  • The website needed to have a clean user interface and be simple to use
  • The website needed to present relevant information in a clear & concise way
  • As a priority we structured the website for users searching for an opportunity for education. We solved this by presenting information and call-to-action's relating specifically to education across the site, thereby guiding the user to where we wanted them to go.
  • Student recruitment and maintaining connection with potential students was a secondary priority. We solved this by placing newsletter signup forms in strategic locations across the site.
  • This client also wanted to talk about their partnerships and certifications - we solved this by creating clean and consistent logo marks that represent those partners.
  • We built out an e-commerce store to sell products from BK Cosmo's partner, Demalogica. We also optimized 50+ store products for use in the online store. We removed backgrounds from existing product photos, then placed those products onto a golden background that was consistent with the BK Cosmo brand.
  • We set up an integration to Mailchimp to capture email addresses when users enter their email into newsletter forms or into store checkout.
The website is the primary lead generation tool for BK Cosmo.

We designed new business cards for BK Cosmo to hand out to potential prospects. Business cards often serve at the first impression for your clients, so they should be designed well.